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SMT Laser Cut Stencil Specification (Description)



Manufactured using a laser cutting procedure that produces trapezoidal apertures. We guarantee the precision and quality of components assembly.

 Material: Precise and technical stainless steel for the application.

 Thicknesses: 50, 80, 100, 120, 127, 140, 150, 180, 200, 250 and 300 microns.

 Cutting precision +/- 5 microns.


This kind of stainless steel means a very important improvement for the SMD paste deposition. The internal grain structure is under 3 microns much better than the conventional stainless steel under 30 microns and electroformed nickel under 15 microns. The productions results that you could get are better than Electroformed nickel stencils results, even the prices and delivery dates are much better. It is recommended for the assembly of Micro BGA’s, ultra fine pitch components and type 0201 reduced sized components.

 Thicknesses: 80, 100, 120, 130, 150 and 180 microns.

 Cutting precision +/- 5 microns.


The stencils are 100% inspected by scan check.

Scan Check is a scanning system specifically designed to examine laser cut stencils for missing apertures, dimensional errors or positional defects as well as damage during use. The stencil is scanned by the ultra high resolution scanner and compared directly with the customers gerber data.


Produced using standard laser cutting procedures. Subsequently, through an electrolytical process, the surface and the inner walls of the pads of SMD are polished in order to remove rough edges produced by the laser. The result is similar to electroforming. It is recommended for the assembly of Micro BGA’s, ultra fine pitch components and type 0201 reduced sized components.

 Eliminates burrs on pad edges.

 Increases printing speed.

 Ratio between deposit volume and pad volume close to 1:1.

 Reduction in cleaning cycles.


This product is manufactured by a chemical photo etching process that reduces material in certain areas and yields more than one thickness, allowing the stencil to be reduced in both sides. This process takes place before the laser micro cutting.

 Trimming thickness precision +/- 15 microns.

 Precision of trim size from 75 to 100 microns.

This process involves depositing various thickness of solder paste and clearing surface irregularities on the PCB:

 Silver Bridges (crossover or silver links)

 Through hole reflow.



Stencils are mounted on a rigid frame and tensioned mesh that fastens perfectly the stainless steel or nickel sheets. Frames manufactured in aluminum or galvanized steel with wall thickness of 2.5 and 2 mm respectively to prevent distortion.

 Frame sizes depend on client requirements.

 Polyester mesh with a tension over 35 N/cm2.

 Bonding system compatible with most cleaning products and automatic stencil-cleaning machines.


For screen blocking, we provide options of:

 Taping by silver tape

 Emulsion blocking

 Non blocking