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2012-01-27 00:00:00
Oracle to Develop Database Solution in Indonesia

JAKARTA: Solution network provider Oracle plans to develop integrated database management solution, to anticipate the growth of data volume in Indonesia by next year.


By next year, the data consumption in Indonesia may grow to 40% compared to that of this year and will keeps increasing by 44-folds until 2020, Vice President of Development Oracle Cameron Purdy said.


The management will indentify several challenge trends for Indonesia market and seek for various opportunities by utilizing Oracle’s technology.


According to him, the main challenge that business executives face today is how to manage the overloading data and to provide good analytical ability. Thus, corporate customers need business intelligence to enhance the data accountability and transparency.


With Oracle's product, namely Exalytics Business Intelligence Machine, Cameron claimed that companies could run their analysis program faster, with a real-time visual analysis, and various new types of analysis applications.


He also viewed that several corporate customers in Indonesia want to connect their account, application, process, and customers to adapt the growing social network users. He xpected the product of Oracle Social Network could accommodate the corporate needs.


Oracle Social Network allows the mobile users to keep connecting through original application in various devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android gadgets, as well as modern interface browser.


In addition, this product is designed to cover the corporate demand dealing with security, privacy, and information protection by providing virtualized and private environment.



Cloud system


Cameron said data and application security is the main priority, in a bid to adopt cloud computing in Indonesia. Mostly, as he viewed, cloud system providers haven’t given explicit supervision.


Oracle is now seeking to integrate and connect the security and management function into a centralized system, to ensure the proper security implemented in the cloud system.


“We are confident that the cloud system will grow rapidly in Indonesia,” Cameron said. 


Previously, Vice President of Oracle Corp. Tan Yen Yen stated that it would boost the penetration of solution enterprise in Asia Pacific regions, that is considered relatively low today. (25/t01/ags)

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